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Hello, Welcome to Beachy Dogs!
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We are located at 1637 Tules Creek Road, Hardinsburg, KY, just 45 minutes west of Fort Knox and Elizabethtown. Our luxury dog boarding is cozy with spacious kennels (4'x4'x7' and 4'x6'x7'), large play yards and

placed within our land, allowing 24-hour on-site care!

Who We Are

Beachy Dogs is a company based on Christian values. We place God first in our lives, and care deeply for the good of people, and animals! Our love for animals bonded us quickly when we met on the beautiful Island of Oahu, and we blended kids and his, hers, and ours fur babies! Dogs are our passion and all animals are loved. We want to share our warmth for animals with you and your families!


Our Mission

Beachy Dogs mission is to support, develop, and nurture the relationship between loving fur parents and fur kids through positive training and consistency! By applying the Least Intrusive, Minimally Aversive Approach (LIMA), maintaining a positive learning environment, and incorporating plans for enriching and mentally stimulating activities, clients will create a deeper bond with their canines, canines will achieve improved cognitive development, and reach positive changes in behavior.  Improving behavior and human-canine bonds!


Our Vision

Beachy Dogs vision is to grow a company that cares passionately for the relationship between human and fur kids. Provide an environment that exceeds industry standards in the care and development of animals in their home, and away from home. Through community engagements, we will build a valuable network to increase awareness of the proper care and training animals; eventually offering high-quality and interactive day care and boarding services. As a small business, we will collaborate, network, and support small business growth as a whole.

Keep following us to get to know the Beachy Dogs family and see us grow!

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Brian, Clifford, Porsche, and Enzo
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Brian is a magnet for dogs. They sense his greatness!

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Brian & Melanie Beachy

Owners, Beachy Dogs - This photo was taken on our first date, sailing in the Sea Breeze Beach - Hickam Harbor (Hawaii).

Melanie, Porsche & Coco

Your Trainer - This photo was taken during one of our snooping dog hunts! The dog's noses lead the way. They love this activity!

Enzo is our newest family member! We adopted him from the shelter Melanie is volunteering at for part of her externship. Be sure to check out the Blog about his adoption under the "Choices: Adopting from a Shelter or Breeder!

Our shared passion for dogs bonded us quickly! We can't wait to share our passion for dogs with you and your canine pack!

I've had a dream and vision to begin my own business centered around dogs' ethical and loving care. Beachy Dogs starts with positive dog training with a vision to include dog boarding and daycare! 

I have 14 years of experience training humans in life skills. Now, I look forward to training human-dog teams! We will support your bond and build favorable behaviors through positive reinforcement and consistency. I received my certification from Animal Behavioral College (ABC). My experience includes dogs behaving in aggressive manners, hyperarousal, and rehabilitating following trauma. However, my focus will be on dog obedience and some behavior modifications. 

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Contact us at:

Phone: 270-750-9191

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