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Beachy Dogs Now Offers Dog Grooming!

You are now able to schedule your dog's Beachy Spa Treatment and some a la carte services!! We will continue to grow our list of grooming services. So, keep watching and following!

As an ABC Certified Positive Dog Trainer, I will be monitoring your dog's body language through the whole groom. If your pup is not used to being groomed, we may need to train and work up to all the grooming activities and associated tools and sounds. Your dog will receive positive reinforcement through the whole process, as well as the typical benefits of professional grooming! Dogs feel better following the pampering of a grooming. Regular trimming of their nails supports mobility and comfort, de-shedding helps the natural shedding process and promotes skin health! 

Grooming Services

Beachy Spa Treatment

Give your pup the pampering the deserve!

This service includes de-shedding, bath (shampoo, conditioner, and blueberry facial), blow dry, nail trim/file, hind end glands, and a tidy of their fur to follow their natural breed characteristics

Dog Grooming Fees

For the Smooth-Coated Dogs

 < 30#........ (starting at) $35

< 60#........ (starting at) $45

< 100#...... (starting at) $55

For the Short-Coated to Longer Haired Dogs

< 30#........ (starting at) $45

< 60#........ (starting at) $55

< 100#...... (starting at) $65

A La Carte Services

Nail Trim/File.....$15

Nail Trim/File and Paw Pads....$25

Teeth Brushing....$15

Matting, behavioral challenges, and excessive hair

will incur additional costs. Prices are subject to change.

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