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Introducing a Wild and Entertaining Pack!

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

Aloha, and welcome to Beachy Dogs! That’s right, I said Aloha! Hawaii is a big part of my soul, having lived there a total of 17 years. I have since moved back to the mainland. Missing my Island world, I keep the spirit of Aloha with me. Now, let me introduce us….

I’m Melanie Beachy, dog trainer, "crazy dog mom," and dog enthusiast! I will share my love for my dogs, help support better bonds and relationships between owner and canine, and help support a culture of improved quality of life for dogs. My husband, Brian Beachy will be seen making many cameos in posts and on the website! Our shared love and passion for dogs, and making their lives better, bonded us! We are the creators of Beachy Dogs, and dog training is only the start!

How did we become the Beachys? Well it all started back in Hawaii! We were both embarking on the single life. I had been trying out the dating websites and found a bunch of ugly toads before I found my “Prince Charming”! Fact is, I was so done with the dating scene and slew of disrespectful and two-timing guys out there that I had this plan to go on 30 dates in 30 days, then write a book about it! Brian was date number four! ;) I had started out going on my dates, taking my notes, and preparing my outline for the book of the century! Then, Brian comes along and asks me normal questions, trying to get to know me, and even asks me about my dog! Whaaat!? We had an amazing first date, lunch over-looking a vibrant blue ocean, spontaneous sail to spot sea turtles and drinks at sunset! Instant love! But! I had a plan. I told Brian, I would keep him at arms length, that I had a lot of dates lined up! Brian’s response? “Go ahead and go on all your dates, you won’t find anyone better!” Challenge accepted and I happily lost that bet! By the time the week was ending, I found myself on one of these “documentary dates” and thinking that I wished Brian was there! So someone else will need to grab this idea and write that book. Now, it’s all about the dogs!

I’m Coco LaBouche, named for my classy style and Sassy Mouth! My mom loves me because I was the easiest to potty train! I know I am the mightiest and fiercest Chihuahua! Rottweiler, German Shepherd, or Great Dane - don’t matter, I’ll take them on and protect my pack! My favorite toys are tennis balls and anything stuffed; I will rip the guts out of any stuffed bear! My claim to fame- I can tear through the trash like the biggest of dogs! I miss Junebug- we used to do this together all the time! I love the new babies that have come to live here with us, but when they make me mad I bite them. Funny, I have Clifford fooled; he’s more than 10 times my size and he is afraid of this brave and sassy girl! Ha!

I’m the real “goof” of the family, but Shhh! That’s a secret! I’m Porsche, a proud Belgian Malinois, and I love to embrace my “crazy” especially on walks! I’m not sure why my mom and dad don’t see the danger in people walking by or riding a bike past us on trails, they are very dangerous creatures. But it’ s OK, I will protect and let those passing by know not to cross the line I stamp with my paws! When people are not invading our walks, I love jumping on concrete walls, picnic tables, and benches. It’s extra fun when I spot the squirrels. I try to do my part to feed the pack, and hunt those squirrels, but mom and dad always tell me, “leave it!” I have many claims to fame! I’m an expert counter surfer. I taught the larger pack members how to open doors, I talk back to my humans with a verbal sound “Haaauh!!” I make my family laugh a lot….mom says I need to turn it over to Clifford now, Haaauh!!

My name is Clifford and my mommy says I am the biggest love bug! My purpose in life is to love my family and every person I meet! My saddest part of the day is when my mom and dad have to go to work. My happiest time of day is when my mom and dad come home from work. I’m not sure why Porsche wants to eat all the people on our walks; I love meeting new people; they pet me, give me hugs and tell me how giant I am. My favorite people to meet, really, are the kids. I love their big and strong hugs, it makes me feel so special! I’m really happy with my special job too! I’m a Therapy Dog- I get to meet people and share my love with them. I even love the people that are scared of me. Mom says it’s because of my size. I don’t understand that- I fit in mommy and daddy’s lap just perfectly! My super hero power is I can hear the call of a child and immediately want to go comfort them! Did I mention, I love people?

Enzo here! I am the newest member to the family! I waited my whole life for a family like this, I love them soooo much. My mom calls me the “kisser boy”! I jump up to give mommy kisses all over her face when she comes home from work. I’m just so happy to finally have a family to give kisses to when they come home, I can’t help myself but love them. I’m learning all sorts of new things now- hands lovingly sooth me, people kiss dogs too, and words like “sit” and “watch me” leads to treats, loving gazes at my humans gets me cuddles and hugs, and I even learned I love dog toys and chews. What an amazing start to my fabulous new life, Love Enzo!

Be sure to keep following us, to get to know us a little more, get free info to help you raise your K9 family member, and some fun content from the Beachy Dogs!

Aloha, Barks, and Howls!

Melanie Beachy

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